divorce support groups

If you are just beginning the separation and/or divorce process, you might be feeling overwhelmed, confused, emotional, angry, lonely, or some combination of these emotions and many more. It may feel like every day is a struggle, trying to make sense of what has happened and what your next steps will be. Perhaps you have been divorced for a while already, but you still struggle with unresolved and/or recurring emotions.

Sunstone’s Divorce/Separation Support Group for Women can help you during this time. You likely already have friends and family to talk to who are doing what they can to provide support during this time, but they may not completely understand what you’re going through or know the best ways to help.

There are many reasons why this therapeutic group setting is helpful for processing your separation and divorce. Here are 5.

  1. Connection: Divorce or separation can be isolating and lonely. Maybe you haven’t told everyone in your social circle that you’re going through this, and you’re not quite ready to tell them yet. Perhaps you have told some people, but their responses have not been as supportive as you were hoping. Maybe you’re getting used to being on a new schedule as a single person. A support group can connect you with other people who are also experiencing a separation or the divorce process, who understand and have empathy for your life experiences.
  2. Structure and Stability: This divorce and separation group for women takes place weekly for eight weeks. It is a time to set aside just for you where you can really focus on processing your feelings with others who understand what you’re going through. Many women find the consistency of this outlet to be a helpful and important part of their processing.
  3. Coping with Feelings: Sometimes we push emotions aside in order to deal with the day-to-day tasks and activities of life. This group will help you slow down, notice feelings as they happen, and provide you with skills to help you cope with unexpected big feelings as they arise. By working with your emotions instead of fighting them back, you can work to resolve them and move forward with your life.
  4. Resources: Throughout the group, we talk about various books, TED Talks, podcasts, and videos that may be thought-provoking and helpful to you. Each group member will bring their own life experiences with them, and it is likely you will learn from the others in the group, which may help you see things in a different light.
  5. Self-Compassion: We will work together to build your self-compassion, to improve negative self-talk, and not be so hard on yourself. Separation and divorce is tough enough already; let’s work to get you back to being an advocate for yourself and your needs.

If this resonates with you, we hope you’ll consider joining an upcoming Divorce/Separation Support Group for Women. To register or learn more, please reach out to the group facilitator, Julia Ward.