Normalize Couples Therapy

Did you grow up with the notion that couples therapy was something people sought out if they were experiencing a huge issue and possibly contemplating divorce?

I certainly did.

Now that I’m a counselor who has the privilege of working with couples, I have worked with people in different points of their relationship longevity and a variety of conflict stages.

Seeking couples counseling is valuable and important when you feel like your relationship could use support, even if you’re not contemplating breaking up or divorce.

Routine Relationship Maintenance Is Necessary

Let’s think about some scenarios where we routinely care for something in our lives before problems grow. We take our cars for regular oil changes and inspections to avoid major problems, AND we take them in when there’s an issue. We go to the doctor for annual physicals AND when our bodies are experiencing an unusual or uncomfortable symptom.

So when it comes to the relationship with our partner, we can be happy with our partner AND still feel like we have some areas that need extra attention and support. If something is feeling off or uncomfortable in the relationship, it could be time for a tune-up to head off a major crisis down the road.

The Benefits of Couples Counseling

Couples can gain numerous benefits from embarking on therapy together, for both the short and long term. Counseling can provide:

  • A neutral place to discuss difficult topics
  • A scheduled and consistent opportunity for conversations to help avoid resentment building over time
  • Mutual accountability for working on issues on a regular basis
  • Empathetic neutral support for the couple as a unit
  • Trust building to see your partner showing up to do the work with you
  • Opportunity to build communication skills
  • Intentional time to reconnect with your partner in a deeper way
  • Opportunity to take your relationship satisfaction to the next level

Are you and your partner maintaining your relationship’s health?

Feeling like your relationship could use a tune-up? If there are challenges in your relationship, and you want to build valuable skills for the years to come with your partner, consider seeking out professional support sooner rather than later. It can be a gift to yourself and your partner to invest in regular support so you can have greater relationship satisfaction over time.

We have counselors dedicated to supporting couples, so reach out today to find the right counselor for you and your partner. We can help guide you to a brighter tomorrow – together.

And maybe the next time we hear that someone is in couples counseling, let’s reframe it and lift up the couple for seeking out the support they need to be stronger together.

— Written by Sunstone couples counselor, Julia Ward. Contact Julia to book a consultation.