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Parenting With Purpose

Parenting With Purpose

Are you a parent of a child who displays difficult behavior or has a mental health diagnosis?

Are you a parent of a child who displays difficult behavior or has a mental health diagnosis?

Parenting With Purpose

Are you experiencing ongoing stress and overwhelming feelings related to parenting? Have you been searching for a safe space to meet with other parents who can offer support and resources? This parent support group can assist with:

  1. Building a sense of community with parents who are experiencing similar challenges
  2. Supporting the mental well-being of parents and their families
  3. Being connected to additional support and resources

Parenting With Purpose is an online parent support group that offers an opportunity to share about challenges and accomplishments in parenting. This group is in place to foster community, resilience and self-care for parents of children who have difficult behavior or a mental health diagnosis.

This confidential group is open to anyone who identifies as a parent and would like to gain evidence-based knowledge from various child developmental approaches and support in managing the stressors of their parenting journey.

The participants can expect to gain a network of individuals who are dealing with some of the same issues they are dealing with at home. The participants will learn how to best interact with their children and improve their relationships. The participants can expect to learn self-care techniques, more skills and knowledge to advocate for their child, and improved child-parent relationships and overall environment at home. What the participants will gain is broad due to the broad nature of the group, gains can look different for everyone.


This group is designed for parents (single parents, divorced parents, or couples) and legal guardians who find themselves having trouble with parenting. The support group will deal with various issues such as co-parenting, children with ADHD, and communication. There is no age range for the children of the parents; this includes kids, adolescents, and adult children. This group is good for parents who are actively in crisis with their children but also for parents on the other side who can offer support to the other members of the group


Upcoming dates to be announced – Please contact Dana and Dee if you’d like to learn more or join an interest list.

Weekly from 12pm-1pm


This group meets VIRTUALLY via Zoom (HIPAA-compliant version)


$400 for 4-week group ($100/session), due in full on/before the first session, then pay by session

A 55-minute intake session ($100) must be scheduled prior to joining.

Registration and Inquiries

Contact the group facilitators:
Dana Lougheed, Resident In Counseling

email: da**@su****************.com
phone: 561-797-7949

Denisha Hagan, Resident In Counseling

email: de*****@su****************.com
phone: 301-836-1448

Meet The Facilitators

Parenting With Purpose

Dana Lougheed

Received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Howard University and completed her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Marymount University. She is currently working as a resident in counseling specializing in children, adolescents, and young adults. She has had the opportunity to work with this population for 3 years and has extensive experience working with parents. Although Dana usually works with children she has had to work closely with parents and has seen how they can struggle without a place to ask questions, share their struggles, and genuinely have a support system. She would love to use her understanding of children to help you become more connected with your child.

Parenting With Purpose

Denisha Hagan

Earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology at the College of William & Mary and completed a Master’s at Gardner-Webb University. She has an extensive background working with children, adolescents, and families, both in the academic and therapeutic fields. She collaborates with clients and families to explore and build upon strengths and gain knowledge and confidence in engaging with strategies that promote thoughtful life experiences and greater satisfaction.

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