When we fall in love with our spouses or partners, we never imagine that someday the honeymoon phase might end. We want to believe those Hollywood romantic comedies that make us believe we will “live happily ever after.”

The truth is, all couples have their fair share of ups and downs. That’s natural. Healthy relationships require a lot of work. But sometimes it can be difficult to do this work when communication has completely broken down and/or there is a blatant lack of trust and respect. Enter the Gottman Method.

What Exactly Is the Gottman Method?

Simply put, the goal of the Gottman Method, created by husband and wife therapists Drs. John and Julie Gottman, improve communication and ultimately increases trust, respect, and intimacy. This specific approach to couples counseling integrates research-based interventions and includes a thorough assessment of the couple’s relationship. This assessment is what allows counselors to develop a personalized therapeutic framework to bring about lasting change.

What Can You Expect?

The assessment will show what your relational strengths and challenges are. From there, I a special counseling framework is designed that will help you replace negative relationship patterns with positive ones. The work done together with a counselor will help you and your partner increase your intimacy and deepen your emotional connection.

Is the Gottman Method Right for You?

The Gottman Method has been successful for couples who are dealing with the following:

  • Frequent arguing
  • Problems with communication
  • Lack of emotional connection
  • Lack of trust and intimacy

Sunstone Can Help

If you and your partner have experienced challenges or uncomfortable changes in your relationship, seek help from the team of Sunstone counselors who work with couples or are Gottman trained and are available to help.